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Davesayu2cool/Why do i even try anymore?

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About Me
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Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

Okay First thing first. My Name is David my friends call me lugnut since i love to work on cars. I attend West Forysth High school in Clemmons Nc. I am 18 years old  and drive a 17 year old truck

I feel that is is a picture to represent me I  love my family and friends. I have lost many friends to death and to drugs  and to breaks ups because the 2 that where going out always seem to be my best friends And I somehow get caught in the middle every time. But i want you all to know I miss you.      R.I.P.  Martin Calloway  10/30/03 Martin  we miss you man.


Favorite Stuff

In this area, I'll list some of the things that I like best, for example: Working on cars, Hanging with friends, walking around the mall to try and get back into shape.

Favorite TV Show: Star Trek
Favorite Movie:Harry Potter
Favorite Music:Country
Favorite Book:Harry potter and All The pretty Horses
Favorite Food: pizza
People I Most Admire: All my friend which are few. Angela For being a great friend. Adam For just being there. We have all been tough alot together.

Favorite Quotes

trust nothing but your heart, cause nothing else is trustworthy.  David Fuller
my heart is broke my mind is not, im tired of being hurt when i find the one and shes not it.
(david f.)
i am a man with a heart that noone loves but me. aloney heart that longs for its equal. every time it thinks its near disappoint finds its way in.the trail to find its equal looms longer and longer then before.
(david f.)

The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.
-Henry David Thoreau